Sirena Tuna

Making Tuna Sexy


The curse of commoditisation

Since 1956 Sirena has been providing Australians with delicious, premium tuna. The challenge is that tuna is now a commodity, and we needed to establish Sirena Tuna as the premium, sophisticated choice for modern recipes.

what we did

The approach

Always on digital advertising

Monthly content creation with enough media budget to ensure sufficient reach, click-throughs and engagement. Delivered via the Prime-and-Remind approach.

Content pillars

Each piece of advertising falls under one of the four brand pillars: Brand, Everyday Inspiration, Product and Sustainability. Each pillar has a clear purpose, definition and key themes that increase brand awareness, frequency of consumption, preference and conversion.

Ongoing goals:

  • Cut through with innovative formats.
  • Capture hearts with classic, sophisticated creative styling.


Be big. Be bold. Be intelligent.

What we did

Content strategy

Approach, Pillars, Media, Objective

Digital innovation

Mastering new social advertising formats

Community engagement

Nurturing brand love & advocation

Influencer activation

Identifying & leveraging ambassadors


digital academy

Sharing is caring. We host monthly workshops to share our digital expertise with staff and clients.

free resources

Everyone loves a freebie. Access our digital guides and resources and stay ahead of the game.

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“Digital indie shop Online Circle Digital has taken home a Shorty Social Good Award for its "Love Is Love" campaign, produced for Mercedes-Benz.”

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“San Churro Gives Aussies ‘1000s Of Reasons To Celebrate’ Via Online Circle Digital”

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“Online Circle Digital creatives to judge on New York Festival advertising awards panel.”

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“The quality of talent in Australia is remarkable. As we enter our fourth year the standard of applications continue to raise the bar”

- Marketing Academy Founder Sherilyn Shackell

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